9 Stories Recorded!

stories-graphicWow!  What a great first event!  I met neighbors I’d never met before and neighbors I already know.  We had wonderful brownies made by our own UHA President Joe Gallegos, and we recorded 9 Stories.

Stories included:

Buying a property and having to get responsible real quick–tenants were involved, and learning to repair things;

A birthday interrupted on December 7, 1941 to be taken into an internment camp (and 50 years later using reparation money to go to grad school);

Playing Juliette in the school play and falling in love with theater, now a lifelong passion;

Being a homeless vet and having to learn how to ask for help;

Participating in a community garden…

 UHA’s own Don Hancock talked about how changes in the neighborhood in the 60s and 70s (like the demolition of many single family homes to create large apartment complexes) led to the development of the neighborhood association, the City’s first moratorium on building, and a sector plan that attempts to reconcile change with the neighborhood’s character and values (ei solar access).  Those changes also led to the publication of a book about the history of the neighborhood.

There were lots of great conversations around the room, everything from art projects to yoga in the neighborhood to books and ideas for creating an online tool library for the neighborhood.  “I bet someone has an ice cream maker that they don’t use all the time,” said Kishin, musing that it would be great to know who you could borrow something like that from.

Special thanks also to our videographer Randy Moffit who brought along a friend to help with sound and lighting.

If you missed this event, there will be two more as a part of this project.

Thank you so much to my fellow board members of the University Heights Association, and my roommate Sam, who ran to get hot water for tea and helped greet folks and keep the conversations going. And thanks also to Dan from Nextdoor.com who’s helping establish our own UHA neighborhood online through the nextdoor.com system.

FOR NEXT TIME:  some official greeters, and someone to take still photos…  and a few folks mentioned beer would be good.


About Jennifer Simpson

Writer, marketing consultant, community builder and teacher. Director of DimeStories International, where authors share their 3-minute stories at open mic events and online. Publisher and editor of the I WRITE BECAUSE project. Find out more at http://JenniferSimpsonWriter.com
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4 Responses to 9 Stories Recorded!

  1. So does this include my hood too? I think we are in the Greater Uni Hood–Parkland Circle. This gives me the shivers. Really a neat way to honor people and get to know them and they each other.

    • Kinda/sorta…. technically our neighborhood is University Heights bounded by Central on the North and Garfield on the South, Yale on the West and Girard on the East… but we consider our neighbors to be those who work, live, and play in our neighborhood. Come next time! you’ve spent enough time here in this ‘hood

  2. Nancy Nowalk says:

    Congratulations, Jennifer. Sounds like it was a big success. And, it sounds really, really interesting!


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